Matt creates soundscapes for theatre and film productions, and records and produces radio plays, including directing, editing and sound designing.  

“Skillfully directed by Matt Jamie... utilising the theatre space, sound and lighting for maximum impact...”

NARC Magazine on The Ties That Bind (Theatre)

“Wonderfully atmospheric – an enigmatic story enhanced by eerily effective sound design and lighting by Matt Jamie”

NARC Magazine on Dreaming is Free (Theatre)

Matt's sound design has been used in theatre productions at Alphabetti, Live Theatre, Gala Studio Durham, Washington Arts Centre and all productions of his company Coracle.  He also works freelance for other producers, recently editing and designing Alphabetti's "Listen In" and "Listen Up" series of plays. 

He also produces an audio drama podcast called PlayStream

Click here to listen to the PlayStream podcast (or search wherever you get your podcasts)

Contact Matt if you would like to discuss a project.