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a new writing programme in association with Alphabetti Theatre
Produced by Ben Dickenson, Coracle, and The Six Twenty
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Three work-in-progress presentations of new pieces, developed through the writing programmes offered in association with Alphabetti Theatre
Join us for a special set of previews on this website at the end of each month in June, July and August 2020 - three plays in progress, each presented in a different format.  The plays will then be available on this website to view whenever you'd like.
Saluting Magpies
by Wendy Errington
A radio play.
Directed by Matt Jamie
aim for the horizon
by gobscure
A work in progress audio play
directed by Melanie Rashbrooke
by John Schoneboom
A workshop film presentation
directed by Ben Dickenson
Saluting Magpies

Saluting Magpies

A Play by Wendy Errington

Directed and adapted for Audio by Matt Jamie*

Cast: Janine Leigh as Ruby  and   Lucy Curry as Young Ruby

with additional voices from

Jacqueline Phillips, Katie Powell, Arabella Arnott, Amelia Loulli, and Sam Neale.

  Running time 33 mins.  Ages 14+  

I didn’t need to bury it.  I had less years of her blanking me... less of her just looking right through me.  I had a few years of being happy... I remember what that feels like. 


You’ll forgive her... them... one day. 

What if we could talk to our younger self, how would that sound?  Would we understand how we've become the person we are today? Or would we wish we'd somehow never grown up?

Saluting Magpies is a tale of trauma, superstition, stories, and survival.

Content Warning:  This play contains themes which might be uspetting for some people.  

If you would like to know more before listening please click here for more information.  If you are affected by issues raised in this play click here for a list of organisations who will be able to help.

Click play on the player above.  If that doesn't work on your device try these direct links:


Coracle's Website


or search PLAYSTREAM on your podcast app.

There is no charge to listen to this play - but if you're able to, please donate to our friends at ALPHABETTI THEATRE and help keep them afloat during this crisis!

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About Wendy Errington

Wendy Errington started writing plays in 2017, at the age of 58. Since then she has had short plays performed at Alphabetti, Live Theatre, Theatre Space NE, and ARC Stockton. She has also had two plays produced by Coracle Productions (including another audio play "Great Expecations, A Love Story Of Sorts")  and Workie Ticket Theatre Company. Saluting Magpies is her first longer play, written as part of the "Write Longer" programme at Alphabetti Theatre.  Elements of Saluting Magpies have been previously performed as short plays in various theatres.

Read Wendy's blog piece on her writing journey here

About Matt Jamie / Coracle

Matt trained as an actor at Drama Studio London, and now works as a theatre director, film maker, and photographer alongside the occasional acting role.  He is an artistic director of Coracle Productions, who are an associate company of Alphabetti Theatre and produce new-writing nurturing talent in the North East.  They are due to produce their 4th Arts Council Funded production... at some point when theatre returns to normal!

More about Coracle productions and Matt here

Produced by Coracle / Matt Jamie

in association with Alphabetti Theatre / Ben Dickenson

Supported by Arts Council England


used under Creative Commons Licensce from the Free Music Archive

click links for details and license info



Various tracks from their albums "Havor"  and  “The Beauty of Maths"

“Maypole” / Above and Below
“Hip Hop Instrumental 2” / Emotive Music for Film and Radio
“Reflective” / Different Angles
"Warm Morning" / Metamporphasis

Pictures of the Floating World
"Waves"/ Waves

With excerpts from "Milly Molly Mandy" by Joyce L Brisley

"Charlotte's Web" by E B White

"Skellig" by David Almond


aim for the horizon

written by gobscure

directed by  Melanie Rashbrooke

performed by James Barton and Craig Fairbairn

sound design by Craig Spence and gobscure 

In 2007, on the 200th anniversary of the transatlantic abolition of the slave-trade, two lads meet on top of a northern fell, half a life-time on. One fell here, then did a runner. The other lived with their guilt. Having climbed through the mist and out and into sunshine, they kiss, laugh, cry and start on a tentative journey towards freedom. 

Listening notes: 
If safe for you to do so, you are invited to listen to this opening extract from aim to the horizon whilst outside in nature; walking in the countryside, in a garden or on your favourite hilltop. Take a flask of coffee and a packet of crisps with you. Find yourself a calm spot, put your headphones in, and join Dee and Mol in a moment of escape on top of a northern fell. 

This extract is taken from the opening section of aim for the horizon, a new one act play that is currently in development with writer gobscure and The Six Twenty; originally developed as part of Alphabetti Theatre’s Write Longer programme. 

Descriptive text  PDF available on request 


Content Warning:  This play contains themes which might be upsetting for some people. 


If you would like to know more before listening please click here for more information.   If you are affected by issues raised in this play click here for a list of organisations who will be able to help .

click the player above to listen to 'aim for the horizon'

if this doesn't work on your device try this direct link: 

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There is no charge to listen to this play - but if you're able to, please donate to our friends at ALPHABETTI THEATRE and help keep them afloat during this crisis!

about gobscure

gobscure. artistic associates of disability arts online / museum of homelessness (both part of our lived experiences). ships-ov-fool (digital) was commissioned by gift festival 2020, supported by sage gateshead summer studios and two awards from sound & music.  installation-interactions-resistance-album rose carved in rain honouring 'fat mad bi big-kid dissident' sergei parajanov premiered at newbridge project gateshead. curious arts (queer arts north bursary) supported us performing some of this work, leeds playhouse, both spring 2020. our next solo show provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth opens at slung low leeds on 27th september 2020 - all made covid safe. this show is supported by BOOST : the Third Angel Mentoring Scheme in association with sheffield theatres

aim for the horizon is dedicated to director and friend Jackie Fielding



A Play by John Schoneboom

Dramaturged and directed by Ben Dickenson

Cast: Bob Nicholson, Natasha Haws, Paula Penman, Steve Byron

Designer:  Molly Barrett

Artistic Director:  Ali Pritchard

Filmmaker:   Adam Goodwin

ACID is an original full length play by American writer John Schoneboom, who now lives on Tyneside. By turns hilarious, surreal and shocking, it raises the curtain on the CIA’s use of LSD to develop torture techniques in the 1950s. Steeped in closely researched history, it follows scientist Frank as his patriotism is tested by redeployed Nazi doctors, off-the-wall agents, too much time spent hiding behind the walls of brothel and his son’s discovery of beat poetry.

ACID is being presented here as a short documentary , opening a window on the development of plays in the new world of socially-distanced theatre-making. Join writer, actors, director, designer and dramaturg in the workshop room, as they read extracts of ACID, discuss creative ideas and start the process of realising a future production.

The workshop was filmed at Alphabetti Theatre, supported by Artistic Director Ali Pritchard who is also working as dramaturg on the script.

We recommend turning captions on on the video if you can... and if you're viewing on a mobile you'll get the best view in LANDSCAPE view


There is no charge to listen to this play - but if you're able to, please donate to our friends at ALPHABETTI THEATRE and help keep them afloat during this crisis!

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Trigger Warning


Saluting Magpies and aim for the horizon contain some themes which may be disturbing or triggering for some audience members including references to sexual assault, living in care, self-harm and suicide ideation. 

If you would like support with any issues which have been raised there are a number of organisations who offer help:

NAPAC (The National Association for People Abused in Childhood)

Mind (Mental health charity - their website has lots of links)


Become Charity (for children in care and young care leavers)

Support Line (Confidential emotional support telephone line - this website has lots of links)

Rape Crisis (for rape & abuse info for women & men)

NSPCC (for confidential reporting of any suspected abuse of children)
0808 800 5000

Samaritans (if you are feeling triggered, vulnerable, worried or suicidal)
116 123 or email

Plus you can speak to your GP. Emergencies ring 999.

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